Aged & Carer Services

We play an active role in empowering older people to live enriching lives, while supporting carers to take better care of themselves.

Aged Care

  • Home Care Packages: support for older people, assessed as having low-high level care needs to remain living in their home
  • Homeshare: older people or people with a disability with secure tenure looking for help and companionship are matched with companions in return for affordable accommodation
  • Self-funded services: flexible, affordable in-home support tailored to the needs of the individual, their family and carers
  • Quick Response Service: in-home support after a ‘trigger event’ such as flu, fall or accident resulting in a stay in a private hospital or rehabilitation
  • Hospital Admission Risk Program: for people with defined chronic diseases and complex needs to reduce avoidable hospital stays.

In addition to in-home care we:

  • Enable older people to maintain social networks and friendships through positive living groups and engaging day programs
  • Deliver Short-term care management and support for people aged 55+ at immediate risk of being homeless.

Carer Services

Support is available to a wide range of people including carers of people who are ageing, carers of people with disability, carers of people with a mental illness, and young carers. Our services include:

  • Access to respite care
  • Information, links to other services, help to navigate the system
  • Peer support and networking opportunities
  • Social connectedness and capacity building
  • Education and workshops to help in the caring role.

Home Care Packages

Get in home supports to help you live at home for longer with a Home Care Package. 
A Home Care Package assists you to manage better in your own home, preventing you from having to go into an aged care home before you're ready.

Home Share

Homeshare matches people who need companionship and some practical help to live at home with people who need accommodation.
Homesharers provide companionship, an overnight presence and up to 10 hours of practical help per week instead of rent. Homesharers provide their own food and a share of utility bills.

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