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Coupa Purchase to Pay

A new purchasing system is being introduced at Uniting to streamline the purchasing process, including the payment of invoices.

What is the Coupa system?

Coupa is a leading cloud-based e-commerce software system connecting buyers with their suppliers.

What are the benefits of Coupa?

Supplier benefits of using Coupa  include:

  • The ability to create electronic invoices
  • A faster invoice-to-pay process with convenient, real time visibility into the status of your invoices and payments
  • No installation of hardware or software required

When is the new system coming?

The new Coupa platform will be rolled out progressively across Uniting commencing with our former Wesley sites.

If your business invoices other areas within the Uniting organisation, please continue invoicing those businesses as currently do.

The remaining rollout across Uniting is expected to commence later in the calendar year.

What are Coupa’s invoicing options?

Following the launch of Coupa, Uniting will encourage suppliers to submit invoices electronically through Coupa.

Coupa will be used to send purchase orders and to receive invoices electronically either transacting ia cXML, the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) or direct on receipt of the Purchase Order email.  

  • Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP): We will send you an email invitation to register on the CSP. You can log in to the CSP to view POs as well as create and send invoices electronically.
  • Supplier Actionable Notification (SAN): You can act directly from your email inbox, receive purchase orders, and create invoices without registering or logging in to the Coupa Supplier Portal.
  • cXML transmission: With this option, suppliers will send their invoice information in an InvoiceDetailRequest cXML format and post the file directly to Coupa via an HTTP post.

Additional Information

Quick reference guide

The Quick Reference Guide outlines the Coupa Purchase to Pay system and its benefits.